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It is one of those facts that women tend to suffer more from these kind of infections during pregnancy. So, yes Cheap Ander Herrera Jersey , yeast pregnancy is a problem. As our bodies change, the level of estrogen increases, resulting in an excessive production of a sugar known as Glycogen in the vagina. As you can imagine Replica AC Milan Jerseys , this is an ideal breeding ground for Candida.

The cause of this infection is an overgrowth of the fungus called Candida Albicans. This happens when the fungus that is always in our bodies, starts to grow uncontrolled. This is when the factors that normally control it, is not present any more or in smaller amounts because of different factors. There are many factors that can cause this and pregnancy is one of them as I ve mentioned above. This can be the cause of considerable discomfort and many women are afraid that medication may harm their unborn child. Fortunately there is a lot you can do to improve the situation.

What can aggravate yeast pregnancy?

I think it is a good idea to think about the things you can do to help you with your infection.

* Wear only cotton underwear; do not even consider all those fancy Custom AC Milan Jerseys , pretty lacy things, they are sure to bring along an attack!

* Do not use any bubble bath or bath oil as it is known to make things worse or even start an infection

* If it is at all possible it is best to take only showers, if a shower is not available do not take a prolonged bath Authentic AC Milan Jerseys , get in, wash yourself and get out!

* Use white unscented soap, none of the health or anti bacterial stuff AC Milan Jerseys For Sale , it kills the good bacteria with the bad and then the fungus can grow uncontrolled

* Make sure you dry yourself properly for the same reason it is not and good idea to stay in wet clothes for long periods

* Do not wear any tight clothing, warm and dark places provide ideal conditions for the Candida to thrive

* Do not stay in a wet bathing suit for long periods, change immediately after your swim

* Eat lots of yoghurt as it contains the good bacteria that helps keep the Candida fungus under control

* Try and cut out all sugar as it is excellent food for the fungus to grow on

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