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Paige Robertson
   Absolutely loved the movie.  The memories of my family are wrapped up in the music - thank you C Eastwood for making this mivie
Raheem Hill
   Great fitting light weight jersey "sweat" pants.  Wide elastic waist band adds to the comfort.  I bought the large size that has long pant legs, just right for this long-legged (34.5" inseam) guy.  All-in-all a very comfortable pair of pants that serve well for gym workouts, PJs or in-home casual wear.
Alexandra Popa
   Absolute favorite crib sheets. So incredibly soft and with the elastic around the entire edge, it makes for a snug fit. Had these for 2 years and am still impressed. Love. Love. Love.
Nathan O Sullivan
   Seven year old grandson loves it!
Marta Ana Jezierski
   You open the plastic wrap, take out a filter, pre-wet it, insert appropriate dose of coffee, doesn't tear. No awesome sound effects or secret braille messages in the bonded seam so, lost opportunities there Hario, but does what it is intended to do without fuss or incident. Have gone through several hundred of these without a single tear or grounds seeping so far.
10/10 would put resultant coffee in mouth.
Jenny Suboh
   I'm a new fan. I'm going to buy more of this brand. Very comfortable and looks great.

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