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Dennis Schroder: I wear Kyrie s right now. Everybody says they won t wear another player s sneaker, but I just 0000 go with my feet. If I like them, it don t matter who designed them.Jarrett Jack: I get it, if they say they don t want to do it from a competitive standpoint. But this is my thing: if I wear another player s shoe and he s guarding me, I m not gonna say nike flyknit lunar 2 price ,  Let me not bust his ass because I ve got his shoes on. That would never, ever pop into my head. Regardless of what kind of shoes I ve got on, I m still going to play my game. I m still going to try to be aggressive and go nike flyknit lunar 2 review at whoever I m playing against, and I m going out there trying to get a win no matter what. I just like the Kyries. And then him being a good dude on top of that is kind of cool, too. If he was an asshole, but they were still dope sneaks, I probably would still wear them.

Damian Lillard: It s an honor to have someone feel like my shoe is good enough and they like it enough to represent that on the floor. I don t look at it as,  Oh, he s wearing my shoe. I just appreciate the fact th nike flyknit lunar 2 sale at they can take a liking to something that I m passionate about.Tony Wroten: I like what I like, but I wouldn t wear somebody s shoes if I m getting ready to play against them. I would never wearLeBrons in Cleveland. I would never wear Kyries in Cleveland.

or I just work out in them when I do individual workouts with some of the coaches, and then I wear them in practice. I do a little something in them to have them a little broken in, and then they ll be comfortable when I m ready for the gameSmith: I just take the insoles out and put my orthotics inLillard: I usually practice in my shoes first, but my shoe was the first shoe built to fit my foot. I can play in a brand new pair of this shoe anytime.

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