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NANNING nike air vapormax scontate , Aug. 25 (Xinhua) -- More than a year ago, Ma Sunjie was haunted by fear that explosions at nearby quarries might damage his house.

Ma, 47, lives in the village of Majiacun by the other-worldly Lijiang River, where clean water flows between picturesque karst mountains in Guilin, a prime tourist destination in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The area has several UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites.

"Work at the quarries began in 2002, and they have been blasting the mountains day and night ever since nike air vapormax flyknit uomo ," Ma said. "The explosions caused cracks in my house and threw a lot of dust in the air."

But from now on, Ma can rest safe in his bed, as the Guilin government has closed illegal quarries, 21 of them so far.

Only a year ago, explosions were often heard along the otherwise tranquil river. Ma's village was a constant tumult of quarrying machines and trucks carrying rocks away, leaving behind trails of dust and scarred mountains.

Behind the quarrying were huge profits. One quarry was extracting 540,000 tonnes each year nike air vapormax plus scontate , while the authorized annual amount was just 150,000 tonnes. Each tonne of rock represented about 30 yuan (4.5 U.S. dollars) of profit. That meant more than 16 million yuan each year.

Guo Chunqing, an environment professor with Guilin University of Technology, said that the mountains along the river are of typical karst formations, characterized by thin soil and little vegetation. If damaged, it will be very difficult to restore the landscape.

"The crazy over-exploitation meant pollution of the river and a threat to the entire ecosystem there," Guo said.

Fortunately nike air max dlx scontate , Guilin realized the severe consequences of over-exploitation and has taken tough steps.

In Lingchuan County, for instance, the local government has closed a quarry in Majiacun and spent 190 million yuan on restoring the environment. Now the site of the quarry is covered with Bermuda grass, which can be fed to domestic animals and is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

In Guilin's Qixing District, a quarry paid about one million yuan in taxes in the past few years, but damage to the nearby mountains cost a staggering 10 million yuan to restore, said Yi Lidong nike air max dlx 2019 , the deputy district head.

By mid-August, the Guilin government had spent about 258 million yuan restoring 136 hectares. The government has also banned all new quarries and 37 officials in Guilin have been punished.

Law enforcers use drones to inspect quarries. If any illegal activity is spotted, the government takes action, 319 times from January to July this year.

But with the closure of the quarries comes a loss of jobs.

In Ma Sunjie's village, the quarry was a major source of income for most of the 230 households, bringing in about 700,000 yuan in rent annually nike air max 180 scontate , and jobs for villagers.

"I bought a truck a few years ago to carry the rocks, which brought me at least 50,000 yuan a year," said villager Ma Qiansheng. "Now the quarry is gone, I had to sell the truck and now find whatever work I can."

To help the villagers, a company has signed a deal with them to transform the quarry site. Villagers lease their land to the company, while the latter plants flowers and vegetation there to develop rural tourism. Revenue from tourism will be shared nike air max 270 scontate , with 30 percent going to the villagers.

Video: protecting Hoh Xil, a wildlife paradise in NW China

Death toll in Brazil's fresh shipwreck rises to 22: navy

122 Chinese telecom fraud suspects repatriated from Cambodia

Thailand's Supreme Court braces for Yingluck's judgement day

At least 2 died, 8 injured in knife attack in Turku, Finland

13 killed, over 100 others injured in Barcelona attack: official

Over 400 killed in mudslides in Sierra Leone

Qiandaohu Lake in China's Zhejiang under stricter protection


YANGON, July 14 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar navy has rescued 102 more "" boat people"" who are Bengalis, from an islet near Kawthoung nike air max 270 italia , the country's southernmost Tanintharyi region, an official report said Tuesday.

The Bengali ""boat people"" were left on the small islet in Myanmar territory in early June, the report said, adding that the Myanmar navy is searching the areas for more such people and the victims will be sent back to their country of origin.

Last month, Myanmar had sent back the first batch of a total of 187 Bangladeshi ""boat people"" out of 200 rescued on May 21 off Myanmar's Rakhine coast after citizenship verification.

The citizenship verification on the second batch 733 ""boat people"", rescued by Myanmar navy on May 29 at sea near Pyapon township, southwestern Ayayawaddy region nike air max 360 scontate , also completed. Of them, Bangladeshi accounted for 546, while Myanmar's Bengalis took 187 as verified.

Arrangements were being made through diplomatic channel to repatriate the 546 Bangladeshi to their country of origin, according to Myanmar authorities.

Investigation by the Myanmar government found that some of the ""boat people"" had fallen victim to human trafficking rings and crime syndicates after receiving offer of work in Thailand and Malaysia from illegal job brokers.

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